Camp Check-In and Check Out: Parent Drivers


Blue Ridge School:

On-campus driving directions: After coming through the school gate, take a left before the lake. The road will lead you past the tennis courts and the pool on the way to the main entrance of the athletic facility, near the turf football field.

Gate Code: As you pull up to the entrance of the Blue Ridge School, you’ll need to enter a gate code in order to enter the campus. Note that you will use the same code for the entire week of camp. This code will be sent out via email a few days prior to the start of camp.

Drop-Off Time: Structured camp activities start at 8:30 AM each day, so we ask that parent drivers arrive as close to 8:00 AM as possible to allow for adequate check-in time.

Pick-Up Time: 3:30 PM 

Check-in and Pick-Up Location: Main entrance of the athletic facility, look for our signage and check-in tables. 

Child Check-in Process: Children are checked in according to their grade level: Rising Stars (K-2nd graders) and All Stars (3rd grade and up) Check-in at each of our tables is divided into last names A-L and M-Z.