Check back soon for fall 2020 dates! 

What’s better than Friday Night 4Real?!?! Come join us if you want to see what Camp4Real is all about as it’s like a mini-preview of our summer camps! C4R Kids Night Out events are wonderful in so many ways! First, it’s going to be a BLAST! The kids will be extremely active and be led by C4R teachers who are dynamic and experienced physical educators from all over the county. So you can be assured we know how to entertain a group of kids! Second, the kids will get to experience a small snack similar to what will be served on any given camp day! We will discuss the snack choices and why they are healthy as well as reinforcing that all choices are plant-based and free of artificial ingredients. And just like in Camp4Real, we always follow our snack with a fun game that teaches kids about nutritional concepts in a fun, active and unique way! No boring lectures here! We briefly discuss the concept, explain the rules, then act it out through game play! Some C4R favorites are Sugar Crashers, Soda Stinks and Down with the Sickness! We also love playing our favorite games that illustrate the social/emotional aspects of our curriculum such as Courtesy Tag and Rumor Mill.

But let’s get serious here and address the major piece of awesomeness we ALL love; parents get a night out!!!!! Date night, get some work done, go to the spa, just enjoy some peace and quiet, whatever you want to do with your three hours is up to you as we’ll take care of the kids! So we hope you will join us at one of our Kids Night Out events around the county as ANY KID from ANY SCHOOL can attend unless otherwise noted. Whether it’s seeing what Camp4Real can offer over the summer, you need a night out, or the kids want a fun experience with their friends, C4R has got you covered!