Lost and Found

We understand that children may occasionally misplace personal belongings during their exciting camp adventures. To ensure a smooth process for locating and retrieving lost items, we have implemented the following Lost and Found policy:

  1. Lost and Found Location:
  • A designated Lost and Found area will be set up near the camp drop-off and pickup locations at The Miller School and Blue Ridge School campuses. 
  • Camp staff will make every effort to collect and organize lost items throughout the week.
  1. Daily Browse Times:
  • Parents are encouraged to check the Lost and Found table during morning drop-off and evening pickup times.
  • Camp staff will be available to assist parents in locating items during these designated times.
  1. End-of-Week Deadline:
  • All items found during the camp week must be picked up by the close of camp on Friday.
  • Parents are responsible for checking the Lost and Found table for any missing items before the end of the camp week.
  1. Donation of Unclaimed Items:
  • Any items remaining in the Lost and Found after the end of camp on Friday will be considered unclaimed.
  • Unclaimed items will be donated to local charitable organizations to benefit those in need or will go into the Camp4Real “extras” bin that may be used by other students during future camp weeks.
  1. Labeling Belongings:
  • To facilitate the return of lost items, we strongly recommend that parents label their child’s belongings with their name.
  • Camp staff will make an effort to return labeled items to their rightful owners as quickly as possible.
  1. Communication:
  • If a child reports a lost item during the camp day, camp staff will make a reasonable effort to assist in locating the item promptly.
  • Parents will be notified if a staff member comes across a labeled item during the day.
  1. Valuables and Electronics:
  • Campers are discouraged from bringing valuable items or electronics to camp.
  • Camp4Real  is not responsible for the loss or damage of valuable items brought to camp.