What makes Adult
Summer Camp so Special

Reignite Your Passion for Life
Our camp is the perfect sanctuary to break free from the demands of adult life. Here, you’ll rediscover the simple pleasures of laughter, play, and connection. Whether you come alone, with your partner, or a group of friends, you’re guaranteed to create meaningful relationships and create lasting memories.

A Blend of Wellness and Excitement
Camp4Real is your ultimate blend of active fun and rejuvenating wellness. From invigorating fitness activities and yoga to peaceful paddle boarding, epic adult field day games, and evening dance parties, every moment is designed to help you feel your best, inside and out.

Days Full of Adventure, Nights Full of Magic
During the day, immerse yourself in our wide array of activities. Challenge yourself with outdoor adventures, participate in group activities, or explore the beautiful campus on one of many hiking paths. As the sun sets, the magic continues with epic socials where you can let loose and dance the night away under the stars.

Camp Food Reimagined
Camp4Real is committed to offering delicious, nutritionally dense, plant-based, and allergen-free options on our food menu. We prioritize inclusivity by providing a variety of choices to accommodate diverse dietary needs and preferences.

Before the start of camp, we will send a personalized food experience questionnaire to all registrants. This will help us curate a tailored camp weekend food menu that meets everyone’s dietary preferences and ensures a delicious and satisfying dining experience for all campers.

Camp Classic Sleepover
Our all-inclusive camp package offers convenient overnight accommodations (single or double occupancy rooms, based on registration needs) in the boarding school dormitory (think basic indoor camping!), allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the fun-filled activities and vibrant community atmosphere. 

Alcohol-Free Experience
We believe in the power of connection, self-care, and holistic wellness. To foster an environment that supports these values, we have intentionally made this camp an alcohol-free experience.

Our goal is for every guest to leave feeling energized, connected with themselves and others, and enhanced in their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. By focusing on healthy, mindful, and relationally connected activities, we create a space where you can fully relax, recharge, and thrive. 

Come for the good times, stay for the great friends, and leave with an unforgettable experience. At Camp4Real, we’re all about making your summer one to remember.