Dinner Service

We will provide a kid-friendly, plant-based dinner (free of dyes, artificial flavors and common allergens) catered by the same awesome restaurant vendors we partner with during our summer camps. Vendors will vary by event date but can include Firefly, Botanical, Roots Natural Kitchen and Brazos Tacos.

While it can vary from week to week, here is a general idea of the meals served during Kids Night Out:

  • Custom Savory Bowls: BBQ Tofu, rice, sweet potato and assorted veggies 
  • Pasta Bar: white and red pasta sauce, vegan parmesan, white beans, spinach, broccoli, mixed peppers 
  • Upside-Down Nachos: brown rice, refried beans, black beans, olives, organic romaine lettuce, bell peppers, carrots, sauteed veggies, cherry tomatoes, hummus, mild pico de gallo sauce and Costco organic corn tortilla chips and homemade vegan brownie bites 
  • Mediterranean Bowls: Mixed greens, falafel, veggie kofta, couscous, hummus, Turkish salad, cucumbers, carrots, tahini sauce and cilantro dressing 

My child is a very picky eater. Can I send my own food?

  • We do our best to provide a wide variety of food items to meet the needs of most children, however, we understand that every child is unique and may not eat everything we serve. We always welcome parents to pack and send optional snack or meal items that you know your child will enjoy! Be sure to send all refrigerated items in a cooler bag (labeled with your child’s name!) as we will not have access to a refrigerator.

My child has serious food allergies. Will Camp4Real accommodate?

  • We work to ensure our meals remain free from as many common allergens as possible, but to ensure your child’s safety, we ask that you please reach out to us at Camp4Real@gmail.com to make us aware of your child’s specific needs.